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Under the project "SAVE A LIFE" Serve Needy has rescued more than 15 lives of abandoned and destitute old people. There are many genuine homeless old people waiting for our help. Are you with us? DONATE NOW

Welcome To Serve Needy

Serve Needy is a Registered Non-Profitable and Non-Religious Social Service Organization. We work 24/7 to serve poor and needy. Our passion remains in feeding the hungry, hosting the underprivileged kids, performing last rites for Orphan dead bodies, treating medical conditions of poor, sheltering the homeless, clothing the poor, educating the illiterates, Cleaning the surroundings, fixing potholes.

Our main objective is hunger-relief, provide permanent solution to orphans and underprivileged. Our noble thought is to provide food, clothing, shelter and education, to those needy, for whom such basics is a struggle. Inspired by many humble hearts, we offer help whole heartedly to the needy. Our goal is to serve unconditionally, express love and compassion to poor and needy. We aim to help millions of such needy people. We also want to make sure that our help genuinely reaches needy hands directly

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    Be an Anna Daatha

    The biggest reason people are hungry, around the world, is poverty. When you’re hungry, everything hurts. Your body hurts, your heart hurts, you start to get that blood taste in your mouth. Hunger doesn’t have to exist — let’s end it together, Be an Annadaatha

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    Sponsor a Medical Item for Poor

    Pain is same for everyone, rich or poor. Be a hope to someone, who need medical support but cannot afford. So many suffer due to medical conditions. Sponsor a medical supporting item for poor.

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    Sponsor for a Last Rites

    Death is inevitable - Every person deserves respectful send off, no matter rich or poor. Let us unite to pay final tribute to deceased to show our respect for life and death. Sponsor for performing last rites for poor and orphan.

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