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Birthday Celeberations

The growth of the child depends not just on the food he/she eats but on the surroundings under which they grow. There are many under privileged children, who are still waiting to see the real meaning of “joy, happiness and laughter”. With ourSPREADING SMILES project, we try to give them love, care and happiness which money cannot buy.

Serve Needy gets requests from all over the world to celebrate Birthdays. We celebrate Birthday in the streets, slums, orphanages, old age homes, destitute shelter homes and in Cancer hospitals in a meaningful and inspirational way and make birthdays more special and memorable to donors.

We encourage people to celebrate their birthdays with children who never really had a celebration in their entire life. We surprise kids on streets, slums, orphanages with cake and chocolates etc and celebrate birthdays in the most meaningful way – spreading happiness!