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Save a Life

“Rich or Poor, pain and suffering is same for everyone. We feel the pain of those people, who are abandoned by their family and society, who suffer on streets, no one to take care or give them even a square meal “

Our mission is to rescue such abandoned people and give them basic survival needs and permanent solution to their problem. Our approach is eclectic and is founded on the premise of “unconditional” care.

How we do this:

  • First we talk to abandoned person to understand their situation, evaluate what is needed
  • We gather information, if they are separated from a family member and try to reach them by advertising about the person
  • We clean them and bath them, if they are not cared for long time, give them cloths and make them tidy, feed them
  • We take a legal permission from police and inform them about the situation
  • We join them in shelter homes, some cases if they are mentally disturbed, we join them in mental hospital.

Mission Name : Thota Ramulu

Mission Name : Yellamma

Mission Name : Francis