Have you ever thought about what it feels like to not have food? I am sure that most people do not have to worry about being hungry everyday, but there are lot of people who do in the world.

Serve Needy team main goal is “Nobody should have to go hungry”. We are in a mission to make India hunger free country. We took charge to feed as many poor as possible everyday. We did not miss single day since our Anna daatha project initiated in Feb 2016. To accomplish this mission, we receive tremendous support from sponsors and food donors.

Following methods, we use to feed hungry:

  • We collect left over food from parties and functions, houses upon a phone call or message
  • We prepare fresh food at home with the help of sponsors donations.
  • We carry prepared food in our Anna Daatha Mobile to various places in the Hyderabad city every day and distribute

Following places, we reach to feed hungry daily:

  • Everyday we reach different places in Hyderabad and Secunderabad cities in our food mobile and feed beggars, homeless, hungry
  • Each day we go to one of the Destitute homes, Old age homes, Orphanage homes, shelters homes and feed hungry
  • We also feed hungry near government hospitals, slums

What else we do while feeding the Hungry:

  • While feeding the hungry our volunteers and staff try to create awareness in the public that feeding a hungry stomach is every individuals responsibility in the society
  • We collect homeless and helpless peoples’ data to give permanent solutions to their problems, like providing them shelter or medical help
  • We collect homeless person’s information and through check and validate if they are genuine. If we find they have no one to look after, we would move them to shelter homes