What donations you accept?

We accept both kind and cash donations

Do you accept donations other than money?

Yes, we do accept any reusable things like old/new clothes, furniture, books, toys etc. And we also accept raw food or groceries

To do volunteering what is the process? are there any charges to join as volunteer?

For volunteering we need time of yours. There are no charges to volunteer. Check “Donate your Time” Under “Donate” tab

How can I help your organization?

You can help our organization many ways, donate money, donate your time, start franchise in your city or town.

How cum we come to know that the things have reached needy?

After collecting stuff, we immediately distribute to needy and we upload pics on our Facebook page. See daily postings from Serve Needy Facebook page

Can we pick where to feed for Annadhaan?

Yes, you can pick where you want to feed. We feed people on streets, destitute homes, old age homes, Shelters for women, Orphanages

Can we celebrate birthday with orphanage home children?

Yes, you can celebrate birthdays with our Orphanage home kids, we bring cake, cook fresh meal for kids and feed them their favorite food.

Can we bring food and celebrate with orphanage home children?

Yes, you can bring food and celebrate with children.

Can we contribute to last rites or other projects?

Yes, you can contribute for any of our projects. Contribute to feed under Annadaatha project, feed children at home, contribute for last rites, contribute for medical expenses, contribute towards building permanent Aashramam (Residence)

Do accept all ages clothes?

Yes, we do accept for all ages both male and female, children

Do you accept left over food?

Yes, we pick up left over food from parties, functions, temples. Upon phone call or message and distribute them to poor and needy

Do you have paypal account?

Currently we do not have paypal account, please use our bank details to donate