The mission of the Serve Needy Free Medical Mobile is to provide access to millions of poor and needy Providing comprehensive services necessary to achieve better health care. This mission is based on the belief that every person, regardless of his/her financial means, deserves high-quality, comprehensive, continuous health care, delivered in a respectful, caring environment. Serve Needy Medical mobile clinic achieves this mission by delivering primary medical care to poor and needy directly in their neighborhoods at no direct cost to their caregivers. Serve Needy Free Medical Mobile also caters like an Ambulance to carry people in emergencies as well as for doing last rites services to poor

List of services offered by Free Medical Mobile/Ambulance:

  • Free Medical help to Poor – Our Medical mobile reaches to the poor and needy on the streets and provides medical help, like cleaning, dressing wounds, blisters or sores, provides needed medications like anti biotic, free over the counter medicines to treat fever, cough, cold…etc
  • Emergency Pick up – We will be reaching to the emergency locations, in case of emergency for the poor and needy and our medical van will serve like an Ambulance
  • Accidental Emergencies – In case of accidents, we will reach to the location and provide immediate medical assistance and move them to hospital emergencies
  • Last Rites – We will provide last rites services to poor and needy. Upon hearing about deceased, we will reach to the location, take deceased body to crematory and provide last rites services.
  • Non Emergency Services – We will also provide service to the needy upon a phone call and message, if they cannot get any other help like 108 – Ambulance or immediate assistance