Serve Needy Orphanage Home, Plot No 66, Gruhalakshmi Colony, Near M.L.A Sai Anna office. Kakaguda, Karkhana, Hyderabad,500015, India

Phone Number: +91 9550335994

Land Line: 040 27840994



Serve Needy as a family has never done any work treating it as a social service or for reward, but because it needs to be done. We aim to spread happiness in whichever way we can, we have always believed in doing the smallest activity with utmost care and compassion instead of just distributing resources and be done with.

Through our activities, we promote social awareness and ensure that every individual realizes the importance of giving a helping hand in helping the society. Our team has been time and again promoting and proving it to the society that to do good one does not need resources or money but the very thought of wanting to help itself is the first step. The word social service itself – means – work with no reward. It may be hard to comprehend for most of our population. But there is something greater than reward that we get on working without reward – to help our society live a better life. You can call it – Satisfaction, or happiness, or bliss, or blessings, – which no amount of money in the world can buy.

We take pride in saying that a Serve Needy has a expert voluntary philanthropic team who inspite of busy and personal life have tirelessly put in extra efforts in making all the projects a grand success.